Home EAPSI Alumni EAPSI Awardees EAPSI Korea Awardees - 2009
No Last Name First Name Home Institution Proposed Area of Research Host Institution
1 Goto Dustin University of Hawaii Manoa Environmental Science and Technology Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
2 KANG JIYUN Louisiana State University The Institute of Management Research Seoul National University
3 Kim Diane University of Southern California College of Natural Sciences Seoul National University
4 Lahr Derek Virgina Polytechnic Institute and State Mechanical Engineering KAIST
5 Lee Andrew Purdue University Mechanical Engineering Korea University
6 Leiner Jonathan University of Notre Dame Physics Korea University
7 Lennon Matthew University of Louisiana-Lafayette Mathematics Pusan University
8 Ryckman Laura University of Texas at Austin Biological Sciences Hanyang University


EAPSI Korea Awardees