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Financial Supports

NSF's $5,000 Stipend

  • The Division of Grants and Agreements will issue an official NSF award. The award notification will include instructions about how to request electronic transfer of the $5,000 stipend.
  • As a recipient of the $5,000, you must make sure you will not be double-funded from NSF sources. You may need to consult with your advisor to verify this. If you are a recipient of an NSF Graduate Fellowship Award, you should consult with your university's Coordinating Official (CO) for the Graduate Fellowships. The CO should then contact NSF's Fellowship Program Officer. If you will continue to receive Graduate Fellowship funding during the Summer Institute period (the usual case), then you will be issued a zero dollar NSF Summer Institute award (no $5,000 stipend) and will receive the airline ticket and in-country expenses through the Summer Institute program.
  • Questions concerning tax liabilities cannot be answered by NSF and should be directed to the Internal Revenue Service.

Living Allowance in Korea

  • NRF will provide you a living allowance of 2,000,000 Korea won. On the day you arrive at the Incheon International Airport, you will receive 400,000 won (about U.S. $380) in advance, which is included in your total allowance of 2,000,000 won. During the orientation period, accommodations and meals will be provided by NRF. After the orientation, you will be responsible for all of your expenses, such as, lodging and meals at your host institution, transportation, and incidental expenses, using the allowance provided by NRF. NRF will not offer any safety boxes, and you will be responsible for handling this large amount of cash by yourself.
  • NRF will also cover your traveler’s medical insurance for the whole period of your stay in Korea.
  • You are advised to bring at least U.S. $500 to cover extra expenses not supported by NRF. Money exchange is available in Seoul during the orientation period.

Housing Arrangements

  • Even though NRF will help arrange your housing at the host institution, you should ask your host scientist, in advance, for detailed information regarding housing facilities and arrangements at the host institution, such as international lodging or dormitories. You must note that some institutions may not have enough housing facilities. You must make payments for lodging at your host institution, according to their rules and procedures. If you will make your own housing arrangements, other than those available at the host institution, you need to notify your host institution as soon as possible.


  • Your insurance will be supported by NRF. Details of the insurance coverage and claims procedure will be provided to you during the orientation in Korea.