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How to Apply: EAPSI-KOREA


Applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. U.S. citizen or permanent resident;
  2. Enrolled in a research-oriented master's or Ph.D. degree program (including joint degree programs);
  3. Enrolled at a U.S. institution in the United States; and
  4. Pursuing studies in fields of science and engineering research and education supported by the National Science Foundation (see  Solicitation for details).
  5. Previous EAPSI awardees may apply, but only to a new host location


Application Process

All desired applicants need to submit:

  1. Cover Sheet
    Complete all fields in the cover sheet. Check that your name and address are correct. Select the EAPSI program solicitation from the list shown.
  2. Application Form
    • Up to three (3) locations and up to three potential host researchers (one per location) in order of preference.
    • Up to three (3) keywords describing your proposed research area and/or field of study.
    • Applicants are required to obtain an invitation or acceptance (an email is sufficient) from host researcher(s).
  3. Project Description (5 pages limit) -All page limits include: images, figures, graphics, tables, etc
    • Describe the Intellectual Merit of your proposed research (See Section VI. A.).
    • Provide a clear description of hypothesis-driven research question(s) to be addressed, research objectives and methodologies.
    • Describe the expected value of gaining cultural and scientific experience in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore or Taiwan to your future career.
  4. Two Letters of Recommendation
  5. Biographical Sketch (2 pages limit)
    • Your academic background, past research experience, previous international experience, a list of publications (if any) and/or other pertinent information (e.g., awards, skills, and abilities)
    • i. Use of the template for your Biographical Sketch is strongly recommended.
  6. Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts
  7. Official Statement of Current Enrollment
  8. Communication with potential Host Researchers (If allowed)


How to Apply Guide

For step-by-step instructions, see the  2012 Application Guide


Registration needs to be done online:

  1. Individual Registration
    The EAPSI applicant is referred to as a "Principal Investigator" (PI) and must first register on the NSF FastLane system.
  2. Log In
  3. Create a Proposal
  4. Submit the Completed Proposal by the application deadline
    If you are certain that the two required recommendation letters have already been submitted